About Us

Focused on Superior Investor Experience

Our team is committed to providing a superior investing experience that is direct to the source. We make it easy for you to get to know us, so you can invest with confidence.

John Cohen and Don DiRenzo came together in 2015 with the goal in mind to find real estate investments they could use to grow and protect their wealth. Since the beginning, we have carried that principal to be absolute; to find only opportunities we want to personally invest in.

Since bringing on partners into our properties, we continue this principal and use it as the greatest barometer when judging opportunities. The Toro Team continues to significantly invest in all its deals and breeds a ton of confidence with our partners because of interest alignment. We know that a partnership is built slowly over time and is why we work so hard to make sure there is never a conflict of interest and incentive ourselves and employees on a performance basis.

We also know that investing can be confusing at the best of times, which is why we do our best to provide as much clarity and simplicity in our fees, structures, and expectations before we ever partner with anyone. It’s because of this that a a large majority of our partnerships are repeat partners and we want to foster these relationships for as long as they can last.

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Acquisition Strategy

Our acquisition strategy is to acquire apartment communities in strategic markets throughout the United States that represent a value add component. We focus on long term demographics, niche markets where we can reposition, income improvements, and operational improvements.

Acquisition Criteria

  • 150+ Units
  • 1980s Vintage or Newer
  • Class B/C assets
  • Total Transaction size: $10mm-$75mm
  • Equity Requirements: $3mm-$30mm
  • Located in growing Southeastern/Midwestern markets with diverse economy
  • Submarket location with great proximity to jobs, retail, schools & recreation
  • Potential for income growth through combination of market factors, management, and capital improvement
  • Target Returns: 7-10% cash-on-cash
  • Levered IRR: 15%+