How it Works

Access to our solely owned, private real estate investment opportunities that have passed our layers of rigorous due diligence.

Identify Specific Markets

We only choose markets with Strong Economics and Demographics.

Toro Real Estate Partners extensively looks at the areas in which we invest in. The country is broken up into Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) and we rigorously look through the different data sources before we decide to target a specific area.

The information we look when identifying a market is:

Areas with the Most Potential

We only choose the markets that show indications of the highest potential growth

We dive in deep to these markets to find where the areas and neighborhoods that fit our criteria are located. We look for neighborhoods in these markets that have certain key factors:

Proximity to the following:

Spend Your Time Doing the Things You Love

Whether it’s spending time with your family, going on longer vacations, reading a good book at home or focusing your time on your own business, you shouldn’t have to devote hours and hours to find and operate quality Real Estate Investments.

We take care of the headaches, the unknowns, the 2 AM maintenance calls, the battles with contractors, and the mounds of paperwork to give you a stress-free, streamlined investing experience.

Acquire Only a Select Few

We look through hundreds of deals, selecting only the highest risk reward assets

We are highly selective in the deals we buy and make sure we put every prospective deal we look at through our extensive underwriting process and exhaustive due diligence. We spend multiple days on-site with our management and construction teams to make sure we understand every facet of the properties and can accurately gauge the projections as close as possible. Not only do we underwrite to conservative figures, but we run every deal through several downside scenarios to make sure the deals can support any unlikely scenarios that could impact our projections.

We look for:

We Co-Invest in Every Asset

We believe in having skin in the game and we believe personally in every single deal we acquire

We co-invest alongside our investors in every deal to maximize our interest alignment with all of our partners like you. We started this company as a vehicle to find attractive deals for our own capital and we continue to do so. We open these investments to you so you can benefit from our decades of experience and allow you to save time not having to find these deals yourself.

Proximity to the following: